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Vein Clinic: What To Expect During The Treatment From A Vein Removal Doctor?

Once you notice the growth of varicose veins, you may want to find a skilled vein removal doctor to diagnose your problem precisely. It is the fact that you are not alone and are suffering from venous disorders. According to studies, about a quarter of all individuals suffer from the same issue at some point in their lifetime. While there are some risk factors, experts associate this condition with gender, weight, age, and job particularly. Some of the patients consider this a cosmetic issue as normally, it does not create any health concerns. But if you are suffering from pain, heaviness in the legs, leg ulcers, you may need immediate attention from a health professional from a certified vein clinic Long Island.  


Vein Removal Doctor:

It is important to consider only a vein specialist North Shore Long Island so that you will be able to get expected results and better-looking skin of the legs.  It might be possible that you prefer to examine your condition from a basic health practitioner that will refer you to a specialist as your vein problem is too severe to handle by him/her. A vein specialist will not only examine the affected area but find out the root cause of the problem determining the most appropriate mode of treatment. In order to get a precise diagnosis at vein clinic LI, he/she will prescribe an ultrasound to make sure that there are no other additional health issues such as blood clots. 

Vein treatment Long Island:

There is a wide range of treatments available to get rid of these unsightly veins. Most specialists popularly recommend sclerotherapy or laser treatments as these produce effective results without leaving any scars on the treated area.  


This is one of the most popular methods recommended by doctors. It is a non-surgical treatment that includes the utilization of injections containing saline solution. The doctor delivers this solution to the lining of the damaged veins causing them to diminish and fade away eventually. Get detailed information about the treatment from the vein clinic South Shore.


The sclerotherapy vein treatment North Shore may value $350 per session. Moreover, the cost may vary depending on the various causes such as the size of the treatment, geographic location, qualification of the doctor, and much more. You can know the actual cost of the vein treatment at the time of the consultation process. Also, whether the treatment cost can be covered through your health insurance.  Treatment should be conducted only at an authorized vein clinic north shore LI.

EVLT (Endovenous Laser Treatment):

This procedure utilizes laser heat to deal with venous disorders. These abnormal veins generally occur in the legs. The blood flow becomes faulty due to damaged vein walls leading to the pooling of blood within the veins. When the veins start bulging out from the surface of the skin causing pain, heaviness, cramps in the legs, you will be recommended to go through medical treatment.



During the conduction of the treatment process, a laser is transmitted into the vein via a flat, flexible tube known as a catheter. It seals the blood flow through the problematic veins so that the blood should start flowing through healthy veins. 

Other procedures such as ambulatory phlebectomy and vein litigation include small incisions to correct the problem.


It is always important to at least consult with your veins doctor in order to determine or decide the type of vein treatment. At the initial stage, you may wear compression stockings to reduce swelling and enhance blood circulation in your legs.